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Through precise simulation, chip design engineering teams can quickly understand their chip’s performance and determine design specifications without the need for physical testing. Accurate and fast simulation processes greatly accelerate the chip development timeline and enable teams to deliver a final step closer to production-ready compared to traditional methods. In a rapidly changing world, accurate and fast simulation software provides unparalleled advantages.

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Empowering chip designers to break free from limitations

Based on the Chipoly series of tools, we are building a comprehensive toolchain for backend chip design processes. Chipoly’s fully integrated development environment seamlessly connects with both its own series and traditional platforms, thanks to its strong compatibility. With unique algorithms and innovative acceleration methods, Chipoly helps chip engineers complete simulation work more quickly, enabling them to reproduce their ideas 1:1 in the digital world. Using the tools of the future, we are writing the future.


“Chipoly’s fully self-developed technology route can achieve SPICE-level full-chip simulation accuracy at the simulation speed of mainstream software, with accuracy reaching the industry’s gold standard. This allows the calculation of chip circuit life, improves chip yields, reduces chip design redundancy and gives full advantage to high process chips.”

Dr. Guan​,

Chairman of Chipoly​

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The power of Chipoly’s Chipoly series products comes from the new generation of machine learning simulation algorithms, automatic simulation iteration, neural networks, and GPU multi-threaded acceleration, covering electromigration simulation, voltage drop analysis, intelligent scenario stimulation, electrostatic discharge analysis, power integrity simulation, and signal integrity simulation. 

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