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The new era has already arrived, and QK Soft is helping engineers achieving remarkable success and breaking the limits of imagination. The road to the future starts right here.

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QK Soft LLC is a US based company with headquarter in Greater LA area. The core team members are all from the top 2 EDA companies with 10+ years experience and with advanced degree (PhD or Master) of top universities.


Innovation requires the spirit of courage, discovery, and adventure, and it takes small steps to achieve big results. To witness a brilliant future, visionary companies have collaborated with QK Soft. Together we aim to shape a faster, more precise, efficient, and reliable future for electronic design.

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Our mission is to provide innovative, efficient, and reliable sign-off solutions for the industry. We are dedicated to accelerating the design process, increasing design margin, enhancing chip performance and eventually improving the product yield through our solutions and services.

QK Soft Culture

Embrace Innovation

Encourage employees to explore new methods, technologies, and ideas, continuously optimizing EDA solutions and providing the best design and process support for clients.

Team Collaboration

Promote teamwork and foster support, collaboration, and communication among employees, working together to solve problems and improve project efficiency for clients.

Customer-First Approach

Always prioritize customer needs and strive to optimize the customer experience. Actively communicate with clients to ensure that the EDA solutions provided fully meet their design goals and expectations.