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It can achieve SPICE-level full-chip simulation accuracy under RedHawk simulation speed.

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Dr. Guan's team proposes a new theory

Fast RC Curent Computing Algorithm

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Accurate quantified model for chip reliability.

ISQED Best Paper Award of the Year.

Our Expertise

We are committed to the research and development, sales, and technical services of EDA tools. With world-leading research and development capabilities in the highly regarded field of electromigration, we have launched a new generation of chip reliability signature tool CHIPOLY, which has received widespread acclaim.

Power Consumption at Signature Verification Accuracy Level

A well-executed signature verification can enhance the core competitiveness of chip companies.

Leading edge algorithms

“Fast RC Curent Computing Algorithm”Increased efficiency by 100 times compared to traditional simulation.

SPICE simulation accuracy

Our proprietary algorithm achieves a SPICE speed increase of over 100 times.

Users can also customize between high-speed and high-precision modes.